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The Investigative Interviewing Course
combines the studies of behavioral science and cognitive interviewing skills and techniques to produce an effective process of drawing out relevant information from the reluctant, misleading or vague interviewee. ICETS, through the investigative interviewing skills development program delivers one of the most comprehensive and proven Investigative Interviewing courses available in Australia.  A comprehensive examination and application of the conversation management model and cognitive interviewing model within the internationally recognize P.E.A.C.E. investigative interviewing framework delivers a solid and robust investigative interviewing course program.

Course Purpose

A law-enforcement investigation put simply is a search for the truth, in accordance with legally acceptable practices and principles. The investigator is concerned with establishing the facts of the matter being investigated and obtaining all the available evidence in order that informed decisions, whether they be judicial or otherwise may be made in respect of that matter.

The interviewing of people, while an inexact science is perhaps the most important aspect of any investigation. In many investigations, some of the most important evidence is obtained as a direct result of interviews. Circumstantial, physical and scientific evidence all have compelling probative value but, where such evidence simply does not exist, the only alternative method of establishing those facts is by the interviewing of people concerned in the matter whether they be witnesses or suspects

Intended Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of this course will result in course participants developing the competencies of;

Understand the process of communication to enable the conduct of a successful interview.

Plan and interview in accordance with best practice

Understand and apply the conversation management model to interviews

Understand and apply the cognitive interviewing model to interviews

Ability to review and evaluate an interview

Course Structure

The Investigative Interviewing Course is a 3 day intensive course which is conducted ‘in-house’ for organisations with 6 or more course participants.  The course is delivered through accredited presenters who are also qualified investigators from law enforcement agencies.

An important and valuable aspect of the training offered by ICETS is the small facilitator to participant ratio. Practical real-life interviewing skills cannot be learned solely online or in a mass lecture situation – it involves participating in actual interviews with continual monitoring and guidance. This course is highly interactive with participants receiving constant mentoring so that they can gain confidence in their ability to conduct a real interview with participants conducting scenario based interviews of witnesses and suspects.  The investigative Interviewing Course is run with a 1 facilitator to 6 participants ratio to ensure that supervision and mentoring is performed by very experienced facilitators in a personal manner.

The following areas form the major components of the Investigative Interviewing Course.

Natural justice & procedural fairness
Identification of elements of a breach
Establishing facts
Process of communication
Questioning techniques
Interviewing techniques

Adult learning techniques applied through the course were developed by our presenters using ‘action based learning techniques’ to make the course an interactive and self assessing experience.  An example of this is our observation exercise and interviewing technique scenario where students are taught to identify false representations by other students using behavioural analysis techniques.This process helps them to maintain their investigative skills and improve their techniques.

Course Fee

The cost per participant for in-house programs is $2,200. For in-house course programs of 10 or more participants a discounted rate is available. The course cost is inclusive of GST and includes a course handbook and certificate of attendance. Venue and catering can be arranged at cost to ICETS and a facilitator travel fee applies for courses outside of Brisbane.

The Investigative Interviewing Skills Training Course can be tailored to suit individual organisational needs at a cost of $2,200. The investigative interviewing skills course is run with a 1 facilitator to 6 course participants ratio to ensure the maximum supervision and feedback is given during the course program.

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