ICETS has a demonstrated high level of commitment to customer service by facilitating our course programs through the following quality management processes.We mainly target investigation skills and how it works.

11-point course contextualisation process (see Attachment A) where ICETS works closely with client agency to ensure course development meets training needs of agency.

Provision of a full time assessor (in addition to the facilitator) who works with the course program to ensure assessments are completed during course. This ensures a high completion rate.

Implementation of an investigation management system (COMtrac), which course participants have access to during and after the course to ensure application of investigative skills course and knowledge to their working environment. (See attachment B)

Management of enrollments and assessment through a web based, training management system. Client agency representatives can monitor progress and completion of course by participants.

Follow up 1 day Mentoring program (3 months post course) where ICETS meets with course participants to discuss and identify the success of the implementation of new skills into their working environment. This is supplemented by a quality training review report, which is submitted to the client agency on completion of the mentoring workshop to identify the value and success of the training.

investigative interviewing,Interviewing training

The primary consideration for value for money for client agencies should always be based on the ‘outcome’ of training and not just the ‘outputs’.  Outputs are generally provided by most training providers and are in the form of qualifications and/or statements of attainment.

ICETS differentiates itself from other training providers in that; our investigation skills course programs are focused on ‘outcomes’.  Namely the increased knowledge and investigation skills derived from training and the application and implementation of those skills into the workplace.

Studies have found that unless course participants are encouraged or mentored to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge, within a month of training being delivered this knowledge and skill set may reduce significantly.

ICETS provides the tools both during course delivery and post course delivery to ensure that course participants develop and maintain these newly acquire inspection and investigative skills.  This is achieved through the use of COMtrac and the 3-month, post course, mentoring program.


Over the past 9 years we have delivered over 55 in-house agency training programs and 45 public course programs to in excess of 1000 investigators, authorised officers and inspectors from client agencies, including but not limited to:


Office of Fair Trading

Health Quality and Complaints Commission

Ipswich City Council

Townsville City Council

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries

Department of Education and Training (Early Childhood Education and Care)

Brisbane City Council

Department of Environment and Resource Management

Maritime Safety Queensland

Transport & Main Roads Queensland

Queensland Health


Australian Federal Police

Department of Immigration

Migration Agents Registration Authority

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Department of Climate Change

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

Australian Grape and Wine Authority


Roads & Maritime Services

Department of Family and Communities

Department of Natural Resources

Department of Water and Energy

National Parks and Wildlife

Department of Environment and Climate Change

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts

Hunter Councils Environment Division

City of Sydney Council


Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport

Department of Lands & Planning

NT Health

Environmental Protection Authority

Northern Territory Police

NT Worksafe

Investigation Compliance & Enforcement Training Systems (ICETS)

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