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The ICETS Philosophy

We believe that industry training should come from current industry professionals and result in an increase in productivity and development of staff.  Training shouldn’t be just about getting ‘another qualification’ by completing a course from a nationally endorsed Training Package.

Nationally recognised qualifications need to be the benchmark for training but not the ceiling. ICETS takes qualifications from the nationally endorsed PSP04 Public Sector Training Package and transforms them into a dynamic training event which is:

Customised to meet the working environment of the client

Developed and delivered through experienced investigators

Mapped to meet and exceed competency standards of nationally endorsed training packages

Delivered through an interactive environment

Training can and should be a satisfying experience where participants walk away with the formal qualification sought and a sense of self-improvement and increased confidence.

The underlying belief and values that surrounds ICETS training experiences is that it is delivered through experienced investigators.  Whether these are from ICETS investigators and course facilitators, or trainers sourced from within the client agency, we ensure that training is delivered by facilitators that know, understand and utilise the skills & knowledge that they are passing on.

The ICETS Approach

Customisation is our specialty.

ICETS currently has a wide range of clients including Commonwealth agencies, State and Local Government Departments and the private corporate sector. All our courses have been designed to suit the individual needs of our clients.

This is done by mapping client legislation, policy & procedures to our nationally recognised qualifications. We can also create a course for a specific skill area (e.g. interviewing skills).

We are nationally diverse.

ICETS delivers training in all states and capital cities throughout Australia. Our course consultants will take the time to meet with you and discuss your training needs. Our customisation processes are not done solely through a series of phone calls and e-mails but includes face-to-face consultation.

Our course development process is flexible.

Different client agencies have different training needs. Some organisations may have a limited area of investigative responsibility whilst others may have a nationally focused compliance-monitoring role. Regardless of the scope of your investigation role, powers or responsibility, we guarantee our courses will be designed to meet your specific needs.

Training delivery is tailored to your geographical needs.

Some client agencies are centrally based in metropolitan areas where other clients have staff scattered throughout regional areas. We can develop courses to suit not only your training needs but to take into account other factors unique to your agency such as geographical boundaries impacting on training delivery.

Quick response is guaranteed.

ICETS uses a team of professionals to develop our courses in a timely and effective manner. We regularly deliver training in all capital cities. ‘In-House’ course packages can be developed for clients review within 6 weeks of request.

When you are looking for an organisation to deliver investigation or compliance monitoring training, there are few that you will find who specialise in this field alone. However of the few that do, consider asking this question.

When was the last time your trainers actually practiced what they teach?

There have been continuous amendments to legislation, advances in technology and modern workplace risk management practices that relate to investigation best practices. The skills held by a non-practicing investigator may not be current for today’s complex environment.

What makes ICETS different is our commitment to the currency and expertise of our facilitators and trainers. Our courses are developed in close consultation with industry and by experts who currently hold senior investigation positions within government law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Our promise to you is that the knowledge and skills you obtain through our courses not only exceed the national competency standards but are also tried and proven within both criminal and government regulatory environments.

“ The two Certificate iv course developed ICETS now provides an excellent resource for environmental regulators across Australia. It will be a valuable addition to further improving and professionalising the delivery of environmental regulation in Australia. ”

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