Certificate IV in Government Investigations (In-House Agency)


The Certificate IV in Government Investigation (PSP40416) provides inspectors, investigators and other authorised officers with the skills and knowledge to undertake regulatory and administrative inspections and investigations.

The course program covers understanding and application of regulatory powers, planning and conducting investigations, gathering and managing evidence, interviewing skills and reporting on investigation outcomes.

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Our course programs go well beyond programs provided by other providers in that our course programs are contextualised to your agency environment so that course participants have ownership over the course programs and clear application of course knowledge and skills to their regulatory and law enforcement environments.

Qualification Description

This qualification allows for the attainment of occupational specific competencies for those working in operational roles undertaking government investigation related functions, with a particular focus on meeting the ethical and legislative requirements of the public service. It is suitable for individuals who need to apply a broad range of specialised knowledge and skills in specific contexts within the investigations and regulatory compliance environment.

The generalist qualification covers the broad range of skills required to operate without supervision in a government investigations environment where an individual is required to plan, initiate, conduct and finalise an investigation. The regulatory compliance specialisation covers the skills required by those responsible for ensuring statutory compliance with the requirements of legislation, regulations and organisational policy.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

To be awarded the qualification students must be graded competent in all assessments for 15 units of competency within a 12 month enrolment period. Enrolment periods beyond the designated 12 month period will incur additional fees. 

Learning Pathways

F2F and VC learning pathways are also available for organisation specific “in-house” programs which can include contextualisation of course materials and assessments. Terms, conditions and fees apply.  

Units of competency

The following is an indicative list of units delivered in public courses.
Units numbered 1 to 13 form the curriculum in the F2F and VC timetable and units 14 and 15 are completed entirely online.

1. CORE PSPREG033 Apply regulatory powers

2. ELECT PSPREG034 Assess Compliance

3. ELECT PSPREG040 Undertake inspections and monitoring

4. CORE PSPINV001 Plan and initiate an investigation

5. CORE PSPINV004 Conduct an investigation

6. ELECT PSPREG037 Conduct search and seizure

7. ELECT PSPCRT029 Compile and use official notes

8. CORE PSPREG039 Gather information through interviews

9. ELECT PSPREG035 Produce formal record of interview

10. ELECT PSPREG036 Act on non-compliance

11. ELECT PSPREG010 Prepare a Brief of Evidence

12. CORE PSPINV003 Finalise an investigation

13. ELECT PSPREG038 Give evidence

14. CORE PSPETH007 Uphold & Support the values & principles of the public service

15. ELECT BSBWHS311 Assist with maintaining workplace safety

Course Recognition

Investigation Compliance & Enforcement Training Systems (ICETS) training solutions are created in partnership with our clients and consist of both nationally accredited and non-accredited courses.

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